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Renters Insurace for Apartment Residents– Sign up here!


Note: You may obtain insurance from any carrier authorized or admitted to do business in Washington.  If you elect to obtain coverage from another carrier, you must furnish us with the name of the insurance company, the policy number, and the effective and expiration dates. All non-related residents must each obtain coverage. In addition we ask that you please add our community as an “Interested Party” or “Certificate Holder” so that we will be notified if your policy is cancelled.”

For Our Residents

Online rent payment service is available now!

If you are a current resident and would like to pay rent online, log into the website below.

Pay your rent with your credit or debit card, pay by e-check or download the phone app. It’s that easy!


NOTE: There may be a service fee for this convenience.
Perhaps less than a late fee or returned check for insufficient funds…not to mention, the credit card points you may earn from your credit card company!

Pay with a Credit Card or Debit Card

Avoid late fees and panic attacks!
Pay your rent quickly and easily with your credit or debit card.  Note:When paying with a credit card, there may be a service fee for this convenience. 

Paying by e-Check

What is an e-Check?
Any renter with a checking account can pay by e-Check through ActiveBuilding. To make a payment for rent or move-in expenses by e-Check, renters simply provide ActiveBuilding with their checking account and routing numbers. There is no service fee.

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